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The police and the media are trying to change the message- and the truth- of what happened to Michael Brown. 

Tuesday, October 21st


tinder has been An Experience let me tell you



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i dont want to sound like this is me overreacting but like, the US gov is being super vigilant for real/unreal threats because of IS. i dont think spamming the tumblr blogs of what could potentially be official military blogs is going to win u brownie points with the duder copying names down for suspected terrorism... i dont want to scare you or anything like that (im extremely paranoid to the point where it effects my health) but I felt like sharing might be helpful.


okay, the thing is though that

After mildly teasing official US military blogs online, a notorious memester and transsexual porn model is arrested under suspicion of treason and is being held at Guantanamo Bay

is the start of a very compelling story! im already working on my memoirs and attempting to sell them to the highest bidder. the lifetime original movies channel has made quite a strong offer



this little baby is smiling a lot! he did a great job and found around 250,000 tabs of ecstasy!!

that dog is gonna be off his face



this little baby is smiling a lot! he did a great job and found around 250,000 tabs of ecstasy!!

that dog is gonna be off his face

another excerpt from my future memoirs

I was unable to attend the Transgender Erotica Awards that year, because I was still hooked up to a feeding tube in Guantanamo Bay. Chairman Bob Avakian attended the ceremony on my behalf to collect my awards in absentia. I won the award for every single category that year, even those categories I wasn’t eligible for. I attribute all my miraculous successes in life to the rigorous application of Mao Zedong Thought. How I wish I could have seen the glorious chairman struggle to carry all of the porn awards across the red carpet! Alas, I was wasting away in Guantanamo Bay for yet another year. To be quite honest, I supposed I deserved it, for trolling the US Military on tumblr too hard.


Amazing new Patreon reward wallpaper drawn by the utterly incredible dataglitch! There aren’t many things I love more than Resident Evil 4 and Dark Souls~

Also, the next comic update by artsywindow will be landing early next week, so I hope you folks are looking forward to it! :)

In 2013, the state had 686 inmates per 10,000 people. To put that in perspective, China’s national incarceration rate is 121 inmates per 10,000 people, while Russia’s is 475, according to a recent report and comparison by the International Center for Prison Studies. So yes, Mississippi has more prisoners per capita than China and Russia combined.

What’s causing these sky-high rates? In Mississippi, it seems the problem isn’t the crime itself, but the reasons people are being put behind bars and how long they’re staying there.

For one thing, nearly three-fourths of those imprisoned in Mississippi are serving time for nonviolent crimes, according to the Clarion-Ledger.

But on top of that, Mississippi is one of 24 states to target repeat offenders with the Three Strikes legislation, which delivers mandatory maximum sentences for third felonies whether the crime is anything from murder or burglary to possession of an illegal drug. Those convicted are also ineligible for parole.